Our Strengths  
The factory is ISO 22000 and Halal-certified.
Excellent Customer Service
We have professional and dedicated staff that will provide flexible service support
Wide Selection of Products
We offer you a wide selection of high quality and innovative products, from bread and croissants to pastries and cakes
High Quality Gourmet Products
Our products are produced according to the Swiss recipes and with the highest quality standards, with strict control in the production process
Excellent Raw Materials
We use all natural products in our raw materials, and do not use any preservatives & additives for our products.
We also use premium ingredients which are imported from all over the world.
Chocolate: imported from Switzerland
Butter: imported from France & New Zealand
Fruit Purees: imported from France
Dairy Products: imported from Australia
Flour: imported from Germany
Water: only pure drinking water is used for the production of our products
Superb Factory Facilities
Our factory houses a full range of production equipment from blast freezers, automated laminating lines and dough sheeters, computerized ovens to metal detectors, flow-wrap and various other packaging machines. An ‘ASRS’ (automated storage retrieval system) keeps track of our inventory.